Kwill Books

Welcome to Kwill Books Publishing House.

We do everything for you from editing to marketing, leaving you free to be a writer. Because that’s what you wanted to be when you started this whole adventure. Kwill is a traditional publishing house without overheads – and without gatekeeping. Instead, submissions are direct to Kwill, and the author pays the cost of production and marketing upfront, so we don’t take your royalties. The author remains in control of their book’s rights at all times, with a Bowker ISBN as a published Kwill Author.

Kwill’s team is made up of experts from the publishing world, and we’re here to advise you on how to become a Kwill Author at our Publishing House.

Unlike other publishing models that offer direct submission for independent authors, we are officially registered as a publishing house by epigraph and at Bowker’s ISBN agency. This means you will get a full book service with us that does not stop at publishing – we market and promote your book too, with guaranteed results.