Promote Your Book Series

Boosts free downloads for your first book in the series and drives sales of other books in your series. Sales will come through days and months after your promotion. If you are looking for the best promotional plan for your series search no more.

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A Series Feature Plan includes:

•   Featured post on Bookpraiser homepage on the day of your feature
•   Inclusion in the email for the first book in the series
•   Dedicated page for your Series
•   Inclusion in the Series Section for maximum exposure
•   In The Spotlight placement for 7 days
Cost: $60-160


To be eligible, your series must:

•   Have the first book in the series set to free on the day of the promotion.
•   Have at least 2 books in the Series that are available for download , purchase or preorder.
•   Have a first book with more than five 4+ star reviews on Amazon.

Pricing is based on the genre of your series as follows:

Action & Adventure – Mystey – Horror – Thriller 
Action & Adventure$120⇒ Book Now
Horror$120⇒ Book Now
Mystery$160⇒ Book Now
Thriller$100⇒ Book Now
Contemporary Romance$160⇒ Book Now
Erotic Romance$70⇒ Book Now
Historical Romance$80⇒ Book Now
Paranormal Romance$90⇒ Book Now
Casual Reading 
Chick Lit$130⇒ Book Now
Humor & Satire$60⇒ Book Now
Woman’s Fiction$120⇒ Book Now
Non Fiction 
Advice & How To$60⇒ Book Now
Cooking$60⇒ Book Now
Business$80⇒ Book Now
History$60⇒ Book Now
Non Fiction$70⇒ Book Now
Parenting$60⇒ Book Now
Literary – Religious & Inpirational 
Christian Fiction$60⇒ Book Now
Biographies & Memoirs$60⇒ Book Now
Historical Fiction$80⇒ Book Now
Literary Fiction$60⇒ Book Now
Religious & Inspiration$60⇒ Book Now
Teens – Kids
Childrens$70⇒ Book Now
Middle Grade$60⇒ Book Now
Young Adult$80⇒ Book Now
Science Fiction – Fantasy
Fantasy$120⇒ Book Now
Science Fiction$100⇒ Book Now
LGBT$70⇒ Book Now