William Diaz

William Diaz

Hello and welcome to my author page! It’s a work-in-progress right now but I hope to make it an experience you won’t forget.


Inquisition – Book 1 of the Blood Moon Chronicles (Published October 2014)
Scarlett – Coming soon.

Short stories:

Holy House (Dapper Press)
Scarlett (Meizius Publishing)
Pest Control: A Scarlett Mission (Meizius Publishing)


Inquisition (Blood Moon Chronicles Book 1)

Genre: Fantasy

A storm is coming.

The Blood Moon Scrolls, four ancient artifacts almost one thousand years old with the power of life and death and well travelled throughout time become the focus of a massive hunt in the Republic of Premia.

Smuggler Dean Jayden unwittingly becomes entangled with a treacherous plot to sabotage the very foundations on which the Republic was built.

An evil ruler seeks to dominate mankind with clandestine experiments and the people of Premia have no idea they’re in the crosshairs. In the midst of greed, betrayals and wars an unlikely group of heroes emerge from the shadows to fight back.

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