Wanda Pyle

Wanda Pyle

Wanda DeHaven Pyle, a late-comer to the field of writing, grew up on a farm in the Flint Hills of Kansas. A frequent writer of stories as a child, she always thought that one day should grow up to become a writer. Unfortunately, life had a way of intervening in best of her plans.

Wanda is descended from a long line of educators going back as far as anhone can remember. It seemed a natural course of her to take at a time when few careers were open to women. Thus, a career in education coincided nicely with marriage and children and allowed her the felibility to be h ome when they were little while still pursuing her love of literature. Retiring after 38 years as a teacher and administrator, Wanda decided to reinvent herself as an author and pursue a dream that had been deferred since childhood.

She lives in Claremont, California with her husband and spends her retirement years writing, traveling and enjoying her twelve grandchildren. She authors a blog entitled School Marms and Cowboys where she records the inspirations, reflections and insights gleaned through her writing.


The Stone House Legacy (The Legacy Trilogy Book 1)

Genre: Literary Fiction

For nearly a century the old stone house has kept its secrets hidden deep in the limestone hills of central Indiana. But when a charismatic young minister embarks on a controversial mission to develop the site as a retreat for ecumenical thought, there are forces working against him that cast a dark shadow over his plans.
Reverend Simon Kingsley returns from observing the proceedings of Vatican II in Rome filled with radical new ideas concerning long-held religious beliefs. But first, he must combat the fear, distrust, and hatred that runs rampant through society.

Set in the birthplace of the John Birch Society during the turbulent years of the early 1960’s, The Stone House Legacy, reveals mankind’s stubborn inclination to repeat the mistakes of past generations. It is a fast-moving tale of youthful idealism in conflict with mid-western isolationism against a backdrop of fear and greed.

The Stone House Legacy
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