T. Rudacille

T. Rudacille

T. Rudacille lives in Bel Air, MD, where she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in English Literature and teaching Freshmen Composition at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“The Shattered Genesis” is her first full-length novel in her bestselling Eternity: Pangaea series, and the sequels, “The Bargaining Path” and “The Irreversible Reckoning,” are now available in the Kindle store. The thus-far untitled fourth book in the series will be available in early 2016, but she is also working on several other projects, including some short(-ish) stories and a (weird) stand-alone novel separate from the Eternity series.

She enjoys shirking her educational responsibilities by reading, writing, playing video-games, and typing this biography.


The Shattered Genesis (Eternity: Pangaea Book 1)

Genre: Science Fiction

Brynna Olivier has always been more intelligent than everyone around her. A “genius,” a “prodigy” though she may be, she lives almost totally devoid of human contact by her own choice. That all changes one night on a street-corner in front of a bar in Washington, D.C. when she is approached by a suave, handsome older man for whom she feels an immediate attraction, certainly, but more so than that, about whom she feels curious. After he saves her from some other-worldly creatures he calls Reapers, he tells her that the world is going to end, and that the survivors will be traveling to Pangaea, a newly discovered, picture-perfect, seemingly uninhabited land far off in space.

Quinn and Alice are staying at home alone on their Christmas break in a suburb outside of Baltimore, Maryland, when they are menaced by a creature that sits outside of their window every night, wanting to be let inside. After Quinn has a nightmare and discovers that the world is ending, he and Alice join the group of survivors departing the Earth. Once on Pangaea, they face trials that test their love and idealism.

Violet is Brynna’s sister, and after having the same prophetic nightmare as Quinn, she helps gather up their other family members and make for the ship. In her new life on Pangaea, she grapples with her sister’s complicated personality and her perceptions of their past, all while coming of age in this harsh and dangerous second home.

As the new beginning of man is shattered, Brynna, Quinn, and Violet must face the familiar darkness that will soon consume their brave new world.

The Shattered Genesis
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