The Prophet’s Secret

by Ron Clark

The Prophet's Secret

July marks the nationwide release of Ron Clark’s new Christian novell

“Josh Winslow, a former Marine Corp sniper and currently a police detective, finds himself pulled into the cauldron of religious hatred and the politics of “One World Government” because of a secret letter written by the Prophet Jeremiah.

His best friend and Bible teacher, Dr. Caleb O’Connor, is determined to follow the clues in the letter to find The Prophet’s Secret, the treasured implements of the ancient Jewish Temple. The Secretary General of the United Nations is seeking Dr. O’Connor’s total destruction along with the Temple artifacts.

His most effective tool is a Jihadist, currently posing as Dr. O’Connor’s student assistant who has dreams of a world ruled by Sharia Law. Finding these implements may well open the floodgates for Jews from around the world to return to their homeland, Israel.”