by Felicia Jedlicka


Catching monsters is easy, but who is going to keep them caught.

“Ethan and Corinthia weren’t prepared for the duties of containing supernatural creatures. However, since they were both brought in as glorified slaves, there wasn’t exactly an interview to discuss the job parameters.

Thrust into the secret world of the supernatural, Ethan and Cori do their best to acclimate to life, as they now know it. While Ethan thrives under the pressure and expectations that the prison’s warden, Danato, puts on him; Cori’s independent nature rebels against the intemperate man at every turn and she eventually escapes from the prison.

Another of life’s poetic misfortunes brings Cori back and she finds herself at square one. Newly motivated by grief and despair, she is determined to make the best of her situation, just like Ethan. Unfortunately her lofty pursuit to win the wardenship steps on more than a few toes.”