Stanislava Kohut

Stanislava Kohut

I was born in the early 80’s and grew up in the former Czechoslovakia, in the city of Bratislava, as a single child. My father’s experience in the secret service was the foundation of his bedtime stories and became the catalyst for my vivid and wild imagination, which seeps into my own stories.

I attended Bilingual elementary school and Private veterinary high schools, which I benefit to my father. After High school, I attended The International Hotel and Travel Management School.

During High School, I was the Captain of the Slovak Junior Olympic White Water Rafting team. Later, I went from working as a tour guide in Venice and Rome, to modeling and traveled the world extensively.

Not all experiences in my life were positive, but they were absolutely invaluable and I am grateful for every single one.

I now live with my amazing husband in the beautiful Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.


Barney’s Choice

Genre: Science Fiction

Barney is the Captain of the space ship Gemma II, on the mission that is suppose to approve the moon as the next hot and safe tourist attraction.

Barney’s secret “side mission” for NASA is also clear – to look for any signs and proof of extraterrestrial existence.

His secret side mission takes an unexpected and quite sinister turn, when Barney loses the contact with his ship. Lost on the eery moonscape, he is not looking for aliens anymore. He is now fighting to find his way back to his fellow astronauts before his oxygen runs out. And just when he thinks his predicament can’t get much worse, he lands right in front of an alien space ship.

Will Barney survive a close encounter of the third kind?

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