Samantha Perryman

Samantha Perryman

S.L. Perryman is an avid reader and lover of all things mythical, magical, and supernatural. Her inspiration for writing is her 2 year old son who lives in his own imaginary world most days, He pushes her to embrace her inner child and create worlds that (she hopes) will rival those of J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien.

The real world holds no interest for S.L. Perryman most days, she prefers to be lost in a story or creating memories with her family. When she does get sucked back into the real world, S.L. Perryman enjoys quiet fishing trips, exploring the wooded areas around her town, and friendly get together with her amazing neighbors.


Sapphire’s Destiny (The Realms Series Book 1)

Genre: Fantasy

When a mysterious package shows up on her doorstep, Sapphire Archer is thrown into a magical world she never knew existed. With the help of a wise genie named Nubby she must leave everything she has ever known behind, including her son Falcon, and travel across the world to fulfill a dangerous destiny passed down to her by her grandmother.

With the enemy hot on their tail, Sapphire and Nubby must make their way through The Forest of Lost Souls in search of a hidden box containing the key to bringing magic back. But will Sapphire make it home in time to complete the ritual, or will the enemy stand in her way?

*This book contains adult language that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

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