Religious & Inspirational

The Christ of India

In The Christ of India, Abbot George Burke presents the growing evidence that Jesus spent much of his "Lost Years" in India and Tibet.

The Unseen

For those who wish to find out about Earth's Unseen. This book was written for the purpose of those who wish to learn how to teach others about Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

Dare to Resonate

Creating art and music is often part of the search for significance we all face. This book will reveal how true significance and worth can be found when we connect. It's not based on a perfect method. It's based on a relationship with a perfect God.

Destined to Soar

Come up higher, above the clutter and noise. Hear Christ's call to live for another world. Each short, hard-hitting chapter of this unique discipleship book will challenge your thinking and confront you with change. If you allow this book to sink into your heart, you’ll begin to soar with wonder for the Lord, respect for mankind and a greater desire for this world to know Jesus Christ.

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls