by Ardyce Durham

Promises by Ardyce Durham

Inspired by the life of the author’s paternal grandfather

“Promises, a work of historical fiction inspired by the life of the author’s paternal great-grandfather, chronicles the lives of two boys the same age who grow up together. More than friends, they are buddies, constant companions, confidants, and accessories in everything they do. Joining the Confederate Army together in March of 1862 and engaging in and surviving some of the most catastrophic battles of the Civil War, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg changed their lives forever.

In the words of the author, “Starting with the first sentence, I want my readers to be drawn into the saga and be connected to the uniqueness of its personalities, their circumstances, and their surroundings.” We feel the author succeeded in putting into words the spirit and strength of those who lived in rustic, agricultural surroundings between 1840 and 1940. Their lives were unbelievably difficult and demanding, yet they endured and flourished.”