Peninsular Spy

by NJ Slater

Peninsular Spy

An epic spy story, clear across Europe to a horrific climax at Talavera

“Archibald Dexter fights a secret battle against the many tentacles of Napoleon’s vast espionage machine. After a daring rescue of one of his agent’s he learns of unthinkable treachery at the heart of the British Army where renegade officers are said to have sold out to the French cause.

In a race against time Archie and his men struggle to unravel the plot, battling murderous thugs and gun runners from London’s filthy streets to the rolling Sussex downs.

It is to the Iberia Peninsular that Archie must pursue his quarry, returning to uniform to face the horrors of 19th Century warfare. Amongst the hideous carnage of cannon barrages and massed musket volleys he must hunt down a man with the ability to change warfare for ever and possibly cost England the war.

A rattling yarn, a race against time, violent clashes and epic battles with a smouldering Spanish heroine thrown in, Peninsular Spy is a historical thriller that will take the reader back to a desperate and epic era.”