Naupaka Blooming

by J.L. Eck

Naupaka Blooming by J.L. Eck

Get lost in a virtual Hawaiian vacation!

Set in Hawaii and based on the myth surrounding the Naupaka flower, a little white flower that only grows with half its petals, this is a coming of age love story with second chances, overcoming obstacles and finding peace.

In ancient Hawaii, young princess Leilani unexpectedly falls madly in love with Kanoa, a commoner. Even though they are forbidden by custom from even speaking, the two lovers believe the gods approve of their union and they try to find a way to change their fates. But dark forces have other plans for Leilani.

Afterwards, the Naukapa flower, a symbol of their love, only grows with half its petals.

Many lifetimes later, the two lovers have a second chance at love when their souls are drawn to each other again in modern Hawaii. But they must overcome old and new obstacles in order to finally be together and find peace once and for all.