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Reader Author Business
Best Book Deals Yes Yes Yes
View Author Pages Yes Yes Yes
Request An Autograph Yes Yes Yes
Learn About Upcoming Books Yes Yes Yes
Learn About Live Events Yes Yes Yes
Giveaways For Readers Yes Yes Yes
Participate In A Poll Yes Yes Yes
Take Surveys Yes Yes Yes
BookPraiser News Yes Yes Yes
View Author Of The Month Yes Yes Yes
View Book Of The Month Yes Yes Yes
Create Author Page No  Yes  Yes
Sign An Autograph No   Yes   Yes
Announce An Upcoming Book No   Yes   Yes
Announce A Live Event No   Yes   Yes
Host A Giveaway For Readers No   Yes   Yes
Submit Your Book To BookPraiser No  Yes  Yes
Advertise on BookPraiser No   Yes   Yes
Feature My Book Service No   Yes   Yes
Submission Service No   Yes  Yes
Author Services No   Yes   Yes
Promote Author Service No No Yes
Host A Giveaway For Authors No No Yes
Services Offered * *** *****
Suitable For Book Lovers and Casuals Authors and Book Lovers  Professionals and Enthusiasts