Melissa Weaver

Melissa Weaver

“I am what I like to call a life “thriver!” In my forty years I have come out of the closet, mourned the loss of an unborn child, and battled cancer. I have fallen to my knees many times but it is when I stand again to face the world that I find the hero within.

In August of 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and life, as I had known it changed forever. I do not define my life by cancer. Instead, my purpose and identity lies in the idea that I have chosen, amongst the rubble and loss, to build a more purposeful life and become a source of inspiration for others.

A Licensed Clinical Social worker by trade, I have committed my work to helping others. Now my mission to inspire, lead, and create sustainable change is un- deniable. My current work includes: facilitation of grief support groups, inspirational speaker for TMI consulting, and adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University. I provide volunteer services for both Beyond Boobs and Front Row Foundation. When I am not working or volunteering, I enjoy gardening, spending time with my amazing family, and visiting with friends.

My most important accomplishment thus far is becoming a parent. In addition, I owned and operated a successful private practice for five years. Finally, I have developed and lead trainings and seminars related to work–life balance, communication in the workplace, self-care, grief support, creating sustainable change, and leadership through inspiration.

My ultimate hope is that you can learn the secrets I have learned. Life is what we create and it is the most fragile gift of all. It is through our human connections and giving back that we find the answers to a life well lived.”



Genre: Biographies & Memoirs 

“Have you or someone you know experienced loss, tragedy, or trauma? Are you desperately looking for solid ground on which to rebuild? Do you want to be inspired to not just exist but to lead a life that you can be proud of?

Would you like to ultimately become the hero of your own story? Although this book is a personal story about my journey with breast cancer, it has been carefully and thoughtfully written for anyone who has been knocked over by tragedy or loss.

Think of this book as a lifeline to your best self, the part that clings to the life that you were always supposed to lead, valuing what and who truly matters most to you. Stop and ask yourself what lead you to this book: “What am I searching for? How do I take the first step to find it?” You have already taken the first step, and I will show you the way to a stronger and happier version of yourself.

This Book will provide for both the inspiration and knowledge to let go of tragedy and take back your life”

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