Jeff Rasley

Jeff Rasley

I’m working on my 9th book. 8 have been published along with over 50 articles in magazines and journals. I practiced law for thirty years in Indiana and was admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. I’m a graduate of the University of Chicago, Indiana University School of Law, and Christian Theological Seminary.

Working with nonprofits has been a major interest of mine, along with writing, teaching, and adventure travel. I’m president of the Basa Village Foundation and liaison for the Nepal-based Himalayan expedition company Adventure GeoTreks, Ltd. I teach a class on philosophy of philanthropy for Butler University’s Honors Program and serve as an officer or director for six nonprofit organizations.


False Prophet (Jack Ross Thriller-Mystery-Romance #1)

Genre: Thriller

False Prophet shines a light on the corruption of our legal and political systems. Truth, Justice, and Religion clash in a case which tries to claim the soul of everyone it touches. But it’s also a love story and buddy story about healing wounds and redemption.

Jack Ross had everything he thought he wanted. But he’s ambivalent — about marriage, having a baby, the practice of law, local politics, even religion. His “existential crisis” becomes less about commitment and more about survival when he is fired from a silk-stocking law firm for trying to speak truth to power. Can he survive as a bottom-feeder in the legal system? Is salvation offered through his marriage to Diane or by forming a legal partnership with his alcoholic best friend, Bones?

And then, the strangest case falls into his lap. A great oak of a preacher man claims to have had a prophetic vision that he will build a cathedral to serve the worst slum neighborhood in Indianapolis. Dark forces are fighting him.

False Prophet
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