Janet Wellington

Janet Wellington

“I feel like I have been a writer all my life – as cliché as that sounds, even to me! – from childhood essays that ended up in the Sunday School bulletin, to long-ago burned journals (I hate that I did that!), to love-sick poems written on napkins while having a glass or three of wine, to newsletters and articles and press releases written on-the-job, and finally to happily-ever-after romances that I love love love writing!

As an award-winning author of four print-published novels via traditional publishers, I have now happily embraced the ebook revolution and am delighted to be on the indie path. I’m tellin’ ya, the freedom is exhilarating!

So, what makes me different than the skads of other romance writers? I think my romances offer a little “something extra”–whether it’s really interesting secondary characters with their own arching subplots, unique and detailed settings, or research that translates into unexpected facts sprinkled in. Whatever it is, my stories do seem to translate into something even first time romance readers enjoy! Nothing makes me happier than to read a review from a reader who was surprised by how much the story touched him or her.

And, please realize that your reviews on Amazon are GOLDEN to indie authors, so I always encourage readers to leave a sentence or two after you’ve read an ebook!

My debut ebook, Homecoming – a Wisconsin Reunion Romance, now has over 200 5-star reviews, averaging 4.6 stars out of 5. It is a Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist for 2014, and was in the 10 books currently under consideration by Wind Dancer Films. Homecoming was also a 2013 Quarter-Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and garnered a very nice review from Publishers Weekly!

I am thrilled with readers’ responses to my stories and I’m 100% hooked on writing more ebooks! You’ll find 2 more romances on my Janet Wellington author page and a women’s fiction novel. And, for fun, I created a pictorial ebook that features all the cats I met during a trip to Italy where I spoke at the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera 

Also, all my ebooks include a donation of my royalties to a designated charity, a different one for each ebook (my way to pay it forward!). For my ebooks I use the company name of Grantitude (grant + gratitude) Press, and you’ll see the GP logo on each of my ebook covers. You’re helping a great non-profit organization with each ebook you purchase – thank you!!

What’s to come? I’ll be sharing more romances and some paranormals!!

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal – A Second Chances Sweet Romance

Genre: Woman’s Fiction

…she’s done everything to hide her past…

Angie Fletcher has worked hard to put her Midwest farmer’s daughter image behind her, happily replacing it with a move to San Diego and landing her dream job as a sophisticated up and coming TV reporter at KSUN. She even has a fiancé who totally understands her and her career goals.

Everything is perfect until she’s assigned to cover a community gardening project – definitely not the hard news assignment she’s been hoping for. She does her best to grit her teeth and just get through it, but when she meets long-haired, devastatingly handsome and mysterious Jason Macdonald, owner of Green Zone – the subject of her assignments – he manages to get under her skin in a way she doesn’t want and can barely handle.

But, hey, she’s a professional, right? So what if his casual touch makes her stomach do somersaults?

…he’ll do anything to forget his past…

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