Erotic Romance


Fiercely independent and newly single mom Emmaline Hart has spent the last thirteen years putting everyone’s needs before her own. Emma nonetheless keeps her life, and her emotions, firmly under control, fearful of getting hurt again.

My servant, my lover

The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.

Falling Into Stars

It'll take more than a genetically engineered Space Marine to keep her from falling into the stars beneath and it'll take a special woman to show him a universe worth living in.

Into Wilderness

Sometimes a trip into the wilderness is exactly what the sex doctor ordered. Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories: Romantic and Erotic Short Sexy Stories is the first book in Kindred Nights epic adventure into romance and erotica.

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls