Elise Covert

Elise Covert

Elise Covert is the Amazon-bestselling author of erotic romances. She is a California girl transplanted for the last several years to Seattle and while she loves the moodiness, the wildness, and the lovely people of Seattle, the California laid-back sunny disposition is deeply ingrained.

Elise’s life is filled with passion: for reading, for lattes (yay Seattle!), for guitar-laden blues-rock music, and for Indiana Jones.

If she’s not writing, she’s reading. Erotic romance, adventure, creepy mystery, spooky horror, and a bit of literary, as long as she doesn’t think the author is just trying to prove s/he has a better vocabulary.

Elise plans on bringing all of the sexy stories in her head to life in her books. That’s a promise of lots of books to come.


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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Can Their Love Survive Their Lust?

Nicole Simmons had a great life, a life most women would envy: a fantastic job at a non-profit foundation, a sexy considerate lover with no strings attached, fun friends and a bright future.

And then Nic met Jack LaTour.

With charm and an animal magnetism she can’t resist, Jack draws Nic into his highly erotic world. He seduces her, commands her, and presents her with his bracelet, his claim on her.

Nic slowly gives Jack her trust and Jack gradually deepens his emotional commitment to her. But as the eroticism around them blooms, Nic begins to realize just how decadent a life Jack has led. Is this a world she wants to enter? And can Jack keep her safe if she does?

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