Dennis Howard

Dennis Howard

“Dennis Howard is a native Texan and has spent his entire life in the State he loves. His intense devotion to Texas and its heritage and traditions shows in his writing.

After a 25 year career as a professional fire fighter with a major metropolitan fire department, Dennis spent time as a university instructor, teaching business management to undergraduate students. During his career on the fire department, he had started and successfully run several businesses and his entrepeneuerial spirit rose again and he opened another business. He finally retired for good in 2014 and now devotes his time to writing and his garden and greenhouse.

Dennis has had a lifelong love affair with reading. He proudly points out that his first great reading accomplishment was to read the entire World Book Encyclopedia from the front cover of A to the back cover of Z. That love has now come full circle as he uses his experience, imagination and skill with words to transport readers into new places and experiences, to paint pictures and to entertain.”


Rivers Crossing

Genre: Action & Adventure

“Keith Martingale is the latest in a long line of Texas ranchers who live and work on their land in the southwestern desert of Texas. He now faces new challenges as drug cartels seek to control the area and drive the ranchers from the land.

In the midst of this undeclared war, Keith rescues River Brookes from bandits and an adventure in romance begins amidst the chaos of drugs, vigilantes and government agents.”

Rivers Crossing
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