Deirdre Gould

Deirdre Gould

Deirdre Gould lives in Central Maine with her three children and husband. She’s also resided in northern Idaho, coastal Virginia and central Pennsylvania, but all of them just led her back home.

The winters sure are cold, but that just means the zombies run slower. The area is isolated, but that just means the apocalyptic diseases don’t spread as quickly. And the storms are bad enough that no one thinks you’re crazy for “prepping.”

It’s kind of ideal for a post-apocalypse writer when you think about it.

The Future Chronicles

The Future Chronicles – Special Edition

Genre: Science Fiction

The Future Chronicles – Special Edition includes fifteen stories, selected and new, from some of today’s best writers in speculative fiction. It includes ten selected stories from some of the Chronicles‘ popular titles – Robot, Telepath, Alien, and A.I. – to give new readers a taste of the series; and includes five completely new stories, first published in this Special Edition
The Future Chronicles has grown, from a single collection of robot stories, into a series whose unique take on major science fiction and fantasy themes – A.I. , aliens, time travel, dragons, telepaths, zombies, immortality, galactic battles, cyborgs, doomsday – has made it one of the most acclaimed short story anthology series of the digital era.

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