Christian Fiction

Just Until Christmas

Hope Aristov arrives in Brandon Beach to live in her former home for three months - just enough time to finish out a residency requirement so she can sell the house and not pay capital gains taxes.

The Wayfarers

The Wayfarers puts its first step forward with Walking Dreams, paces off the miles in Five Feet From the Cabin Door, and culminates with Jacob's Trouble.

Out of a Dream

Michelle Baron should be revelling in her life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. But a series of disturbing nightmares leads her to the New World book store, where she begins a spiritual journey that will challenge her Christian heritage as well as her marriage.

Juliette and the Monday ManDates

Juliette Gustafson is heart-broken after a painful break-up. Her sisters devise The Monday ManDates, requiring Juliette to endure a series of remarkably disastrous blind dates: TheraPaul, Frisky Frank, TAZ the rock star, and the stoic Tim Larsen, among others.

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls