All the Arts of Hurting

As far as Lord Duncan Aldham is concerned, war is a thing which affects other people. He’s quite content to sit in the ancestral pile, ride his horses, and defend himself against his mother’s attempts to marry him off.

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The Little Things

The story of two people, Laura, who worked at the local diner and Olivia, who, like Laura is just waiting for the summer to finish before both are heading off to college.

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Am I Coded?

It’s a freedom of love making fiction. The world has become more liberal and in some countries there has been a lawful freedom for Lesbians.

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God Don’t Make Mistakes

In this timely released book, Rev. Floyd Cryer takes us on a controversial ride through our society and the LGBT community, what they believe and what the Bible tells us about their sexual preferences and actions.

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Meet Carol Anne Sullivan, a burnt-out stock broker from New York. She's having a hard time managing her business and dealing with the frustrations in her love life. Mark, her P.A. and current love interest, is not getting the job done. Her clients are hysterical demanding her attention 24/7 and expecting her to solve the world's economic crisis to save their investments.

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