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Action & Adventure

Fed Up

Taylor Rule's family is forcing her to marry a man she doesn't love. Nothing she says can convince them or her fiancé to yield, so she does the unthinkable: she marries a man she happens upon at the airport. A man who looks like a hillbilly, a man who can't even read. But he's much more than he seems; so much more gifted and so much more dangerous. Is he the man of her dreams or of her nightmares?

Metatron: The Mystical Blade

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Thompson is on the verge of becoming a superhero, but he must prove himself so he can earn the remainder of his superpowers and fulfill his destiny. When his grandfather, Benjamin, is held prisoner at AREA 51, where the eternal powers are presumed to be hidden, Tyler attempts to penetrate the base’s heavy security... Hunted by an unknown entity, Tyler races against the clock to retrieve the superpowers, rescue his family and help the others who are depending on him...

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls