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Action & Adventure

The Legacy Chronicles Bundle 1

Jacob Hope unwittingly reveals that the gates of Hell have been unlocked and something long imprisoned has broken loose from its shackles to roam free upon the Earth. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be defeated, it exists with only desolation in its heart... and it's coming for him.


Strangers are mysteriously drawn to a ranch house in Idaho as mother nature's wrath and mankind's rage escalate.

Woman of Fire

Rese Wyatt had no idea what lurked within the crumbling walls of the ancient Troll Crypt. Eighteen year old apprentice to the King’s personal historian, the boy had been warned to do nothing but pick up the fallen manuscripts left behind.


Once bullied to the brink of suicide, 16 year-old Adam Reaper discovers extraordinary powers within himself. As the ungovernable changes within unleash a burning hatred for all who once wronged him, Adam is faced with choosing between using his gifts to save the world from impending doom or to take vengeance against his enemies.

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls