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Action & Adventure

Exodus From Mars

" Von Paxton, Warlord of Barsoom, wants nothing more than to enjoy his family and retirement in the years after the Final Thern War. But, Uluhu Teurim and his sister, Shalteen, the last Witch Kings of Mars, have their own plans..."

Any Means Necessary

Alone on the Atlantic Ocean, three days out from Boston Harbor and the coastline of America, the MV CALEB may be bringing a very dangerous cargo to the United States.

Peninsular Spy

A rattling yarn, a race against time, violent clashes and epic battles with a smouldering Spanish heroine thrown in, Peninsular Spy is a historical thriller that will take the reader back to a desperate and epic era.

The Prophet’s Secret

Josh Winslow, a former Marine Corp sniper and currently a police detective, finds himself pulled into the cauldron of religious hatred and the politics of “One World Government” because of a secret letter written by the Prophet Jeremiah.

  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls