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Rush has never been in love. Lust is more his thing. In fact, he’s all business. Sometimes bad things occur so that better things can replace them…

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The Kota

When the DRK virus strikes Earth, global infection and war threaten to destroy everything. Only few people called the Kota claim to have answers

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Networking 42 Keys to Career Growth

Cliche But True: It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know. 42 Keys to Career Growth.

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Eden Found

The Garden of Eden, a peaceful world formed from Creation, and Valdar, a harsh survival of the fittest world formed from evolution, have existed side by side with only a river separating them for earth's entire 72 year existence.

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Game Play

Game Play is a collection of 7 erotic short stories discovering just how far how a group of people will go to get their kicks

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Your Dry Hair Days Are Over

Is dry hair a problem for you? Then this book has been written just for you. Your hair deserves the best

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The Ghost of Democracy

When newly-elected President Joshua Land discovers that the White House is haunted by ghosts who think Democracy has run its course and needs to be eliminated because it can no longer effectively fix the world’s problems

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So You’re a Chef Now What?

So You're a Chef Now What? is the blueprint that every chef has been waiting for. This book covers all aspects of running a culinary business that you never learned in culinary school.

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An Unsubstantiated Chamber

Is it ever too late to do what is right? A fusion of steampunk and superheroics... this is the Rail

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Who Killed September Falls?

Death might be unforgiving and brutal but nothing could erase my memories of September Fall

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