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The Perfect Summer

"The talented trio that brought you The Perfect Present is back…with summer stories that will brighten your day, warm your heart, and prove that life is one of the greatest teachers there is.

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The New Governess

Lovely and Untouched Stella Wilson lands a position at Cocke House tutoring the three Viscounts, who turn out to be mischievous and deeply fascinated by Miss Wilson’s lessons on female anatomy

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The Black Swans

Taisie MacDonnell loves Celtic music and when a traditional Irish group moves to her small town of Antrim, Maine, she's thrilled

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Strangers are mysteriously drawn to a ranch house in Idaho as mother nature's wrath and mankind's rage escalate.

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Inside Out

Follow Danny as he goes from a care free beach volleyball loving, pool shooting, actor, who's only worry is knowing when his next audition will come, to a convicted murderer.

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The Natural Order

The Natural Order follows fifteen juvenile delinquents who are chosen to learn magic. Why were they selected? And for what grim purpose?

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