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Members of a notorious gang of teenage boys on an estate in east Manchester are being murdered in a particularly gruesome manner. Is it some kind of vendetta?

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Technical Difficulties

When an office's handsome young IT expert, Justin, gets called to fix an employee's computer, he has no idea what she's got planned for him.

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Mace of the Apocalypse

In San Francisco, a toxin is released on board a B.A.R.T. train by an Islamic fundamentalist group. Mace Marconi, a man with a troubled past, finds himself at the forefront of a living nightmare as the toxin kills then reanimates the dead.

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Heavy Weather

"Annie Mac’s estranged husband vows that nothing will stop him from getting his baby girl. Not Annie Mac and certainly not that boy of hers."

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A tenacious reporter becomes prey in a radical paranormal experiment after committing himself into an asylum to track a serial killer presumed executed by the state.

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