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Don’t know where to start from? Check out these great books.

Tinker Bee

“Tinker Bee is not just a bee.…”

By Erin Liles

Rain Clouds and Waterfalls

“Simpler times weren’t always simple…”

By Piper Templeton

Reason Of Existance

Reason for Existence

“It will challenge your imagination…”

By Richard Botelho



“More than friends… You’ll get connected with their lives”

By Ardyce Durham

The Druid and the Bracelet

The Druid And The Bracelet

” Is evil leaking into the land? “

By Chris Dews

The Heirloom

“Sometimes, what we hunt can capture us…”

By Edita A. Petrick

Inside Out

Inside Out

“Danny’s life is turned INSIDE OUT….”

By Jack Kearney

Eternity Awaits

Eternity Awaits

“Captivated by her alluring yet reclusive rescuer…”

By E. V. Emmons

Bog A Thriller

Bog: A Thriller

“He dives headlong into a reckless investigation

By Phil Gerraud

To Catch A Creeper

To Catch A Creeper

“Insanely good read for fans of humor and mystery cozies”

By Ellie Campbell

Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset

Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset

“Becoming the Artan may be the only way to survive…”

By Sarah Ashwood

The Black Swans: A Tale of the Antrim Cycle

The Black Swans: A Tale of the Antrim Cycle

“It is a love story that all lovers of Celtic mythology will enjoy…”

By N.W. Moors

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  • Rain Clouds and Waterfalls

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  • The Great Prankster by Jehoshaphat Shalom
  • Arachne's Challenge by Edita A. Petrick
  • Tipsy Spoils The Burglars Wicked Plans by Brigit Pace
  • Falling Into Stars by Kindred Nights
  • Expiry date by anita jain
  • Ten Seconds of Crazy by Randileigh Kennedy